‚ÄčGigantopithecus Alienus (Giant Alien Primate) is what remains of a mysterious ancient creature that is not from this world.  It is a skeleton that stretches over 70 feet long and is partially buried in the ground.  Picked clean over the years by scavenging creatures, all that is left is a clean skeleton that is easily climbable.  But one of the strangest things about this giant skeleton is what is in its right hand.  It is an old, human-sized robot.  So many questions are unanswered:  First off, why is there a robot in its hand?   Were they friends or were they enemies?  Did they come from the same place?  Was the robot just a play thing for the giant ape? Well these questions can be answered with a little work.  Inscribed in the giant bones is a strange text.  And inside the chest of the robot is a decoder.  Use the decoder to unravel the mystery of these two strange creatures.  

Giganthopithecus Alienus