​​LED strip layout

Skin layout with weatherproof cap

Internal structure layout

Imagine yourself ducking into a portal to find yourself immersed in a shiny metal dome that is completely covered in metal rings of different sizes.  A mysterious pull chain hangs from the center.  Curiosity gets the best of you so you reach out and give it a pull.  Instantly, the ceiling explodes with a colorful glow which then flows downward to countless squiggles of light.  These squiggles go back and forth and all over the place surrounding you with mesmerizing illumination.  Eventually they meet up in groups of five as they sync up and head down to the ground and disappear.  Wow.  What the heck was that?! You stand there in awe at the organized chaos that just appeared for an instant.  Curiosity gets the best of you again as you pull the chain once more.  And again.  And again.  And again...each time a different pattern fills the dome with light.  You have truly been transported through a portal to another world of illumination.  

Portals is a dome that stands 10' tall and 20' wide.  There are five round 'portals' in which to enter the dome.  The dome is skinned in thousands of metal rings, all welded together to make a mesh.  The entire dome is powder coated in a shiny silver coating.  Once inside the dome, there is a large pull chain hanging from the center of an opaque plexiglass disc that is attached to the ceiling. When this chain is pulled, it activates twenty five strips of programmed LED strips that are 30' each in length.  The sequences start above the plexiglass, making the whole disc glow.  Then as the strips near the edge of the plexiglass, they emerge and begin to squiggle all over the place using the metal rings as pathways.   After many feet of random back and forth squiggling, five strips meet up at each of the five pillars and head towards the bottom in perfect syncronicity.  The random squiggling transitioning into the parallel lines is a mesmerizing effect.  With each pull of the chain, a different sequence begins.  There will be upwards of 100 different sequences.   It is possible that there can be sound activation with each pull of the chain as well.  There will be a 5' wide curved metal cap on the top to keep the electronics and connections safe from moisture.  

LED light strip demo - This is just three strips.   The final project will have 25 strips.