Shush is a strange alien looking tree bush thing that has a bulbous top and metal tendrils creeping out from it's base.  The main bulb is covered in white fur and has round bumps all over it's surface.  If you quietly walk up to Shush at night, it seems like it's asleep.  There is just a pulsing glow coming from within.  But make a loud noise (a clap or a yell) and it comes to life!  Each of the round protrusions shoot out tons of colorful light beams and begin to spin around.  As long as there is noise, the bumps will continue to spin and light up.  But if you shush everyone around, the alien looking tree bush goes back to sleep and awaits to be awoken again.  

There are metal tendrils that come from it's base and when tapped, the vibration/noise combo will also activate the lights.  The plan is to also have some levers that when pulled or pushed will make the alien looking tree bush thing do some strange things like grow glowing hairs or make some small fuzzy tentacles spin.  

Shush will look awesome during the day, but at night is when it will really shine!

Shush (working title)

Art installation concept by Tyler FuQua Creations