The Electric Equine is a giant metal horse that moves just like a real live horse.  There is a crank down low that is attached to various gears within the horse body which will make it gallop in place.  We might go one of two directions with the horse's skin - either it will be comprised of all reclaimed metal - mostly pieces that are easily recognizable, or it will be made out of small layered pieces of metal (like scales) that allow light to shine through.  The horse is suspended on a post that is attached to a platform for stability but also creates a barrier to keep people away from the moving parts.  There is illumination at key parts - the tail, the eyes and nose, and the hooves.  There will also be internal lights that make the horse appear to glow from within.  External lighting will reflect off of the shinier metal pieces on the body.  There will even be smoke that shoots out of its nostrils.  

The Electric Equine will not only be a work of art just as a sculpture, but the fact that it is articulated AND interactive brings it to the next level.