​  Help us secure a space to build our next project

We will be building the Cosmic Space Worm for Burning Man this year and although we were lucky enough to receive an art grant, it is not enough to also rent a dry, flat space to build it.  We have a GoFundMe campaign set up if you feel like helping us out on this.   Feel free to share it with you art loving friends!   



Mechan 9 will be at the i3 Arts Festival in Los Angeles June 2-3, 2017.

It is a FREE festival with a ton of amazing art!  

Check it out here - www.i3artsfest.com

WELCOME TO tyler fuqua creations

Where we build things that most can't even imagine!
We have a three step approach to how we create our visual magic: design, create, perform.   

And it all starts with imagination!

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