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space plants

Continuing our passion for creating giant robots, we are in the process of building a prequel to our previous giant metal creations.  Mechan 8 is being built for a private client who is a huge fan of our previous work.  Stay tuned to to see the progress and final result. 

Portland winter light festival

What's Next?

We are super excited to be bringing our Psychedahlia Garden to the 4th Annual Portland Winter Light Festival. We are so glad to be a part of this festival since it's conception.  This completely FREE festival takes place in Portland from February 7th to the 9th at various inner-Portland locations.

Coming in Fall of 2019, our first permanent and local art installation will be giant cosmic plant creatures called Space Plants.  As part of the Lynchview park revamp, these metal scupltures will add a whimsical touch to the playground area. 

Mechan 8