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Exciting news!  We recently delivered Mechan X to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! What the!?!  They are building an Area15 out there and well, as we seem to be the official creators of their robot mascots, we moved our robot from Downtown Las Vegas to the heart of Riyadh. 

Mechan 42

Mechan X

What's Next?

We are in the middle of overhauling TrEeD (our 2015 Burning Man  project) so that it can be on display in downtown Portland from December to April.  We are installing all new LEDs in the canopy as well as new, stronger petals with an all new paint job.

As most of you might know, TFC has been part of the Portland Winter Light Festival since the very beginning (7 years!!). We have been commissioned (the first ever!) by the PWLF to create an original art piece that will serve as the center point to the festival.  We will be creating our 6th robot with a space theme. It will be displayed on the waterfront for about 2 months.