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1000 & 1

Two robots from two different eras, stuck in time in the desert.  One is an early model, a prototype maybe.  One is fresh off the factory floor. Standing face to face with their pointer fingers just inches apart, these robots couldn't be more different yet are eerily similar at the same time.   Mechan 1 is made of wood and has a steampunk vibe.  It features simple lighting with Edison bulbs.  It has a device on its back that has various gauge, dials, and copper tubes. Mechan 1000 is made of shiny steel and features color changing LED lights.  It has a jet pack on its back that is sleek and shiny. In the wooden robot's hand is a large metal wrench.  In the metal robot's hand is an axe with a wooden handle.  Are these two robots about to fight or perhaps they built each other? 

Mechan 1 burned on Thursday, August  31, 2023 at 10:30 pm.  It was a sight to see!